Round table in Voronezh

On July 22, 2011 in Voronezh a round table was held on the issues of socio-economic strategy of Russia until 2020 and updating of the strategy of socio-economic development of the Voronezh region until 2020.

Vice-Governor, first Deputy Chairman of the Government of area Alexander Gusev, rector of the Russian Presidential Academy of Natioanal Economy and Public Administration Vladimir Mau, heading the expert community involved in the development of the Strategy, as well as the managers and coordinators of Federal and regional expert groups participated in the meeting.

The main task of the expert community, according to V. Mau - is to give concrete, realistic proposals to solve the most urgent problems, among which he foremost named the maintenance of macroeconomic stability. Over the last ten years we have weaned from the problems of macroeconomic stability. Now, and in my opinion, society has not realized it yet, we have in a state budget deficit. It is true that Russia has a very low government debt below 10% of GDP. But oil prices in real terms are at the level of the 1980s. Therefore, the first and main goal is the macroeconomic balance.

For Russia it is particularly important, since for Russia it is a problem of preventing dependence from of the factors that can't be controlled by the government and from the external environment. The second set of questions, in his opinion, is social policy, or, as it also called - a new welfare state, the problems of investment in human capital (education, health care, pension system).

The participants of the meeting outlined a circle of problems, which are solved in the expert groups. So, rector of the Russian Academy of foreign trade of Ministry of economic development, Scientific Director of the Gaidar Institute, Sergei Sinelnikov-Murylev presented his vision of solving problems of fiscal and monetary policies.