Researches of the Gaidar Institute organized a series of seminars at the University of Boston on construction of a model of general equilibrium

In April 2018, International Department of Fiscal Sustainability of the Gaidar Institute and RANEPA under President of the Russian Federation, chaired by Laurence Kotlikoff, Professor of the University of Boston, organized there another series of scientific seminars on construction of a model of general equilibrium.

Seminars were dedicated to construction of a global model of general equilibrium with overlapping generations and informal sector and also to further elaboration of articles on the assessment of optimal tax on greenhouse gases emission and convergence and divergence tendencies within the frame of a multi-regional economic model with overlapping generations up to a level of publication.

In addition, prospective areas of research and publications of the Department including development of a methodology of construction of a model with overlapping generations for global economy with exhaustible energy sources and uncertainty were considered in the course of seminars.

Andrey Polbin, Head of Macroeconomic Modeling Department, Mariya Kazakova, Deputy Head of International Department of Fiscal Sustainability, and Andrey Zubarev and Kristina Nesterova, researchers of the Department, took part in the seminars.