Russian Economy: Trends and Perspectives JANUARY 2004

Publication date
Monday, 02.02.2004

A. Razin S. Ponomarenko O. Fomichiov P. Trunin D. Polevoi O. Izriadnova S. Tsukhio E. Serova I. Khramova N. Volovik N. Leonova S. Shishkin M. Turuntseva A. Yudin D. Chetverikov A. Loginov

Russian Economy: Trends and Perspectives

In this issue: The state budget - Major events in the sphere of tax and budgetary policy in January 2004 - On the progress of reforms in the year 2003 and January 2004 - Monetary policy - Financial markets - The real sector of the economy: factors and trends - The situation in industry in January 2004 - Russia: Export duties on grain - External trade - Mandatory medical insurance - A forecast of some macroeconomic indices.



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