Model Calculations of Short-Term Forecasts of Social and Economic Indices of the Russian Federation (February 2016)

Publication date
Wednesday, 13.04.2016

M. Turuntseva, E. Astafieva, M. Bayeva, A. Bozhechkova, A. Buzaev, T. Kiblitskaya, Yu. Ponomarev, A. Skrobotov

Model Calculations of Short-Term Forecasts of Russian Economic Time Series


This paper presents calculations of various economic indicators for the Russian Federation in the period from March to August 2016, which were performed using time series models developed as a result of research conducted by the Gaidar Institute over the past few years.


Introduction to all the issues 2
Industrial production and retail sales 5
Investments in capital assets  6
Foreign trade indices 6
Dynamics of prices 6
Monetary indices 11
International reserves 12
Foreign exchange rates 12
The living standard indices 13
Employment and unemployment 13
Annex  15


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