Russia: What Now For Structural Reforms? - Steady Progress

Publication date
Friday, 04.10.2002

Niclas Sundstrom

Citigroup/Schroder Salomon Smith Barney

With the approaching political season (Duma elections in December 2003, presidential elections in March 2004), it is generally expected that the pursuit of economic-structural reforms will pause. In this note we look into this issue, as well as present key reform “road posts” to look out for in the autumn/winter 2002-03. Our analysis points to a different perspective, suggesting that while some specific reform areas will most likely not be pursued at the pace they otherwise might have, others will be pursued. In conclusion, the enforcement of approved reforms will continue and progress in certain established reform priorities could be expected. Taken together, the reform process will continue to motivate a constructive view on Russian financial assets.


Niclas Sundstrom,
Analyst of Citigroup/Schroder Salomon Smith Barney
Economic and Market Analysis, London EC471

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