Russian Economic Developments №2, 2013

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Thursday, 21.02.2013

IEP composite author

Russian Economic Developments

Russia’s Economy in January 2013: Preliminary Results and Major Trends - The Political and Economic Results of January 2013 - Inflation and Monetary Policy - Financial Markets - Real Economy: Trends and Factors - Russian Industry in December 2012 - Foreign Trade - State Budget - Russian Banking Sector - Mortgage in the Russian Federation - Integration Processes within the Common Economic Space: Hazards for Russian Milk Producers - Formation of Leading Universities: the Russian Approach - The Global FDI Market in 2012 - 2012: A Year of the State’s Increasing Presence  in the Stock Market -  The State Defense Order: A New Law That Follows the Old Trend - Review of the Economic Legislation - Review of the Meetings of the Government  of the Russian Federation in January 2013 - An Overview of Normative Documents on Taxation Issues for December 2012-January 2013 - Changes in the Regulatory Base of the Budgetary  Process.

Russia’s economy in january 2013: preliminary data and major trends (K.Rogov)    2
The political and economic results of january 2013 (S.Zhavoronkov)    5
Inflation and monetary policy (N.Luksha)    8
Financial market (N.Andrievsky, E .Khudko)    12
Real economy: trends and factors (O.Izryadnova)    17
Russian industry in december 2012 (S.Tsukhlo)    21
Foreign trade (N.Volovik, K.Kharina)    24
State budget (T.Tishchenko)    28
Russian banking sector (M.Khromov)    32
Mortgage in the Russian Federation (G.Zadonsky)    35
Integration processes with in the ces space: hazards for Russian milk producers
(N.Shagaida)    38
Formation of leading universities: the Russian approach (I.Dezhina)    43
The global fdi market in 2012 (A.Pakhomov)    46
2012: a year of the state’s increasing presence in the stock market (A.Abramov)    49
The state defence order: a new law that follows the old trend (V.Zatsepin)    53
Review of the economic legislation (I.Tolmacheva, Yu.Grunina)    56
Review of the meetings of the government of the rf in january 2013 (M.Goldin)    58
An overview of normative documents on taxation issues for december 2012–january 2012 (L.Anisimova)    59
Changes in the regulatory base of the budgetary process (M.Goldin)    66


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