Transition Economy. Collection of selected articles. 2003–2009

Publication date
Monday, 16.04.2012

V. Mau, S. Zhavoronkov, K. Yanovskiy, Т. Klyachko, S. Sinelnikov-Murylev, V. Nazarov, A. Zolotariova, A. Kireeva, I. Starodubrovskaya, M. Alekseev, R. Conrad, I. Sokolov, I. Trunin, Yu. Bobylev, E. Shkrebela, A. Zolotariova, S. Shatalov, A. Levashenko, S. Drobyshevsky, P. Trunin, G. Idrisov, L. Freinkman, S. Prikhodko, A. Pakhomov, N. Volovik, A. Radygin, R. Entov, V. Dashkeev

IEP monographs

This publication contains papers written by leading experts of the Gaidar Institute during 2003-2009. Several papers were previously published in compilations of articles written in the framework of various projects; other came out as separate articles and several papers were specially written for this publication.

This book is intended for specialists in economic theory and economic policy, lecturers, postgraduate students and students in economics.

Section I. Political economy
Mau V. The logic of Russian modernization: historic trends and modern challenges
Mau V. Socio-economic planning and forecasting in contemporary Russia: a quest for new forms or memories of the past?
Mau V. Lessons of the Spanish Empire, or the curse of resource abundance
Mau V. The drama of 2008: from economic miracle to economic crisis
Zhavoronkov S., Yanovskiy K. Political institutions: from Yeltsin to Medvedev
Yanovskiy K. Economic imperialism: a few examples of a methodology, or The economists have nothing to repent of!
Mau V. Global crisis: past experience and future challenges

Section II. The budgetary sphere
Klyachko Т., Mau V., Sinelnikov-Murylev S. On the budget institutions reform
Nazarov V., Sinelnikov-Murylev S. A strategy for reforming the Russian pension system
Zolotariova A., Kireeva A. Legal issues of the provision of services by bodies of state authority on a reimbursable basis
Klyachko T., Mau V. Trends in the development of higher professional education in the Russian Federation
Starodubrovskaya I. The Perm paradox

Section III. Tax policy
Alekseev M., Conrad R. Assessment of Tax Reform Results in Russia: Comparative Analysis
Sokolov I., Sinelnikov-Murylev S., Trunin I. Does Russia Need a Reform of VAT?
Bobylev Yu. Tax policy towards the Russian oil sector
Shkrebela E. The problems of creating incentives for small businesses in the framework of special taxation regimes: theory and practice Shkrebela E. The influence of double taxation on the financial decision-making of an enterprise
Shkrebela E. The influence of asymmetry of tax legislation in the part of inadequate tax compensation of losses on the investment decisions made by enterprises
Zolotariova A., Shatalov S. A comparative analysis of the judicial practices in developed countries and Russia designed to control law abuse on the part of taxpayers
Levashenko A. The legal reasons for the attractiveness of the investment climate in Cyprus: its consequences for the Russian tax system

Section IV. Macroeconomic and financial policy
Drobyshevsky S., Trunin P. An analysis of monetary policy transmission mechanisms in the RF
Drobyshevsky S., Trunin P. Identifying the goals of the RF Central Bank's policy
Drobyshevsky S., Trunin P. The prospects for a switchover onto the inflation targeting mode in the RF
Trunin P. Applying the ‘signal' approach to developing the indices to serve as precursors of financial instability in the RF
Trunin P. An analysis of the influence of the balance of payments on macroeconomic processes in the RF
Idrisov G., Freinkman L. Modeling the Currency Structure of Bank Deposits: Does the Ratchet Effect Matter?
Drobyshevsky S., Polevoy D. The prospects for creating a single currency zone in the CIS
Kazakova М., Sinelnikov-Murylev S. Conjuncture of the world market of energy carriers and rates of economic growth in Russia

Section V. Studies of the real sector
Starodubrovsky V., Voloshchuk D. On the way towards the investment type of economic growth
Bondarev A. Assessment of the elasticity of consumer demand on the basis of household surveys
Drobyshevsky S., Pikulina E. An analysis of the probability of a ‘bubble' emerging on the Russian real estate market
Kaukin А., Freinkman L. The structure and productivity of Russian export
Prikhodko S., Pakhomov A., Volovik N. Foreign experiences of exports promotion

Section VI. The institutional environment
Radygin A., Entov R. Institutions and economic growth: contemporary theoretical approaches
Radygin A., Entov R. Institutions and economic growth: some realities of contemporary Russia
Freinkman L., Dashkeev V. Russia on the eve of a financial crisis: the risks of slowdown in economic growth against the backdrop of continuing institutional stagnation
Kireeva A. The legal aspects of the functioning of development institutions in the 2000s


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