Russian Economy: Trends and Perspectives - July 2009

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Monday, 17.08.2009

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Russian Economy: Trends and Perspectives

Monthly bulletin: Basicr developments and trends - The political and economic results of July 2009 - Inflation and monetary policy  - Financial markets - Real economy: trends and factors - Russian industry in July 2009 - Foreign trade - State budget - Anti-crisis effect of budget expenditures - Market of housing mortgage in the Russian Federation - Small business in Russia: state and problems - Oil and gas sector - About the National report on agricultural development  and anti-crisis measures in the agrarian sector - Problem of personality identification of military personnel of the Russian Federation - Role of protection of intellectual property rights in expansion of russian high-tech export - Review of meetings of the government of the Russian Federation  in July 2009 - Review of economic legislation - Review of regulatory documents concerning taxation over June-July 2009 - Review of budgetary legislation.

Basic developments and trends    2
The Political and Economic Results of July 2009  S. Zhavoronkov    4
Inflation and Monetary Policy  Luksha N.    8
Financial Markets  N. Burkova, E. Hudko    16
Real Economy: Trends and Factors  O. Izryadnova    27
Russian Industry in July 2009  S. Tsukhlo    33
Foreign Trade  N. Volovik    37
State Budget  I. Sokolov, E. Fomina    41
Anti-crisis effect of budget expenditures  L. Freinkman    50
Market of Housing Mortgage in the Russian Federation  G. Zadonsky    54
Small Business in Russia: State and Problems  O. Izryadnova, E. Fomina, D. Kazantsev    58
Oil and Gas Sector  Yu. Bobylev    69
About the National report on agricultural development and anti-crisis measures
in the agrarian sector  R.Yanbykh    73
Problem of Personality Identification of Military Personnel of the Russian Federation   V. Zymbal    77
Role of Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in Expansion of Russian High-Tech Export  A.Pakhomov, Yu. Potanina    84
Review of Meetings of the Government of the Russian Federation  in July 2009  M. Goldin    90
Review of Economic Legislation  I. Tolmacheva    92
Review of Regulatory Documents Concerning Taxation over June-July 2009  L. Anisimova    94
Review of Budgetary Legislation  M. Goldin    101


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