Russian Economy: Trends and Perspectives FEBRUARY 2003

Publication date
Thursday, 06.03.2003

S. Batkibekov S. Ponomarenko A. Yudin S. Drobyshevski D. Skripkin O. Izryadnova S. Tsukhlo L. Mikhailov L. Sycheva Ye. Timofeyev G. Malginov E. Serova N. Karlova O. Shick O. Kuznetsova N. Volovik N. Leonova

Russian Economy: Trends and Perspectives


In this issue:

The State of the Federal Budget
Monetary Policy 
Financial Markets
Structure of inflation in the post-crisis period (1999 – 2002)
The Real Sector: Factors and Trends
IET Business Survey: Industry 
Crediting of the real sector in 2002
Reforming state unitary enterprises: the trends of 2002 
Russia: Introduction of Meat Import Quotas 
Regions: industrial output dynamics
Foreign Trade



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Design: A. Astakhov

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