The long-term program of the development of the Republic of Altai

Publication date
Friday, 10.11.2000

S. Batkibekov, S. Drobyshevsky, A. Zolotareva, S. Stashkov, I. Trunin, A. Yudin

Progress report on the project “Reforming Regional Financial Systems” under the technical assistance project under the auspices of Know-How Fund

In this paper, the introductory section argues that strategic planning (or multi-year development planning) is a key element in making the public sector both more effective and more efficient. This is despite the fact that the authorities (at federal, regional and local levels) have yet to realise the importance of strategic long-term planning of public sector activities in the way it is practiced in most market economies. The remaining sections of the paper are more in line with the current narrower Russian definition of multi-year development planning and concentrate on the likely impact of recent and planned federal financial reforms at the regional and municipal level. The paper concentrates in particular on the financial consequences of reform for Perm Oblast and Altai Republic. It also makes some recommendations as to measures that these two regions should take to improve their financial performance.



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