Social sphere economics: Teaching aid

Publication date
Wednesday, 10.12.2003

S. Shishkin

The State University High Shool of Economics

The teaching aid contains systematic description of the economic structure of a number of sections of social sphere (public health services education, culture, housing services, social service, pension fund scheme). The key features of economic relations in the above spheres and reasons for government’s participation in their regulation have been discussed, and patterns for organizing and financing these sectors, as well as payment terms for the services provided (used in the world), considered. Much attention is paid to the specifics of social sphere services’ organization in our country, economic problems that may arise, and to reforms being conducted and planned.
For students of schools of economics and the institutions of higher education taught by specialties " Public Administration", "Public and Municipal Finance" and "Social Work". Can be used in specific industry higher education establishments training economists and organizers for social sphere sectors, and in the public officers retraining system.



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