Russian Economy: Trends and Perspectives MAY 1999

Publication date
Tuesday, 25.05.1999

V. Mau Y. Khokhlova S. Batkibekov S. Arkhipov S. Drobyshevsky A. Shadrin M. Matovnikov L. Mikhailov L. Sycheva E. Timofeev A. Radygin O. Izryadnova E. Ilyukhina S. Tsoukhlo E. Serova N. Volovik N. Leonova

Russian Economy: Trends and Perspectives


In this Issue:

Economy and politics in may 1999
State of the federal budget
Monetary policy
Financial markets
Borrowing made by the federation’s subects and local authorities in the ist quarter 1999
“Non- performing” assets of the russian banks
Bancruptcy procedures in the conditions of financial crisis
Investment in the real sector: production of investment goods
Foreign investment- geographic aspect
Situation and trends in the real sector
IET monthly trend survey: may 1999
Situation in the agricultural sector
Foreign trade



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