Economy and Price

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Petr Berngardovich Struve

The publication was prepared by A. L. Dmitriev. – Moscow: Gaidar Institute Press; Saint-Peterburg: Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences, SPbSU, 2022. – 688 p. – ("New economic thinking" series).

ISBN 978‑5‑93255‑590‑3

For the first time, the main economic work of the prominent Russian scientist and public figure academician Pyotr Berngardovich Struve (1870–1944) is collected under one cover. The author did not publish his work in full in the form of a book – the first two parts were published in separate editions (1913, 1916), as well as in the form of articles in Russia and in exile. The Russian reader has the opportunity to see the author's almost complete idea (extensive historical excursions and appendices remained unprepared). The book contains comments and an index of names. Extensive sources have been verified for the most part, and many quotations have also been verified.

Recommended to economists-historians, social scientists and anyone interested in economic theory and the history of economic thought.