Dolgoe vremya. Rossiya v mire: ocherki ekonomicheskoi istorii

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Yegor Gaidar

For a long time. Russia in the World: Essays on Economic History

Moscow: Gaidar Institute Publishing House, 2022. – 664 p.

ISBN 978-5-93255-635-1

Work "For a long time. Russia in the World: Essays on Economic History" is devoted to substantiating the strategic directions of Russia's economic policy relevant to the period of writing the book and for modern conditions. The foundation of this justification was the study and generalization of world economic history from the Neolithic revolution to the present day, which made it possible to trace the origins and conditions of the emergence in Europe of such an exceptional phenomenon as modern economic growth, to identify factors preventing the transition to this type of growth and the use of its opportunities, to identify current problems of the development of Russia and the world economy.

For those who work or will work in public authorities, to develop and implement solutions that affect the development of Russia, as well as for a wide range of readers.