Ekonomika i ekonomicheskaya politika v usloviyakh pandemii

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Economics and economic policy in the context of a pandemic 

Ed. by Dr. of Economics Kudrin A.L. – Moscow, Gaidar Institute Press, 2021. – 344 p.

ISBN 978-5-93255-617-7

Team of authors:
Avksentiev N.A., Arlashkin I.Yu., Bakvenye T.A., Barbashova N.E., Belev S.G., Bozhechkova A.V., Grishina E.E., Goryunov E.L., Gurevich V.C., Deryugin A.N., Drobyshevsky S.M., Evseev A.S., Zhemkova A.M., Ignatov A.A., Iskhakova F.Ya., Kazakova M.V., Kaukin A.C., Klyachko T.L., Knobel A.Yu., Kolesnikov A.V., Komarnitskaya A.N., Kudrin A.L., Larionova M.V., Latypova Y.R., Lyashok V.Yu., Maleva T.M., Miller E.M., Nazarov V.S., Narkevich S.S., Ponomareva O.V., Pyzhikov N.S., Popova I.M., Sakharov A.G., Sisigina N.N., Sokolov I.A., Suchkova O.V., Trunin P.V., Firanchuk A.S., Shelepov A.V.

Afontsev S.A., Member of the Faculty of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Economics, Deputy Director for Scientific Work of IMEMO RAS;
Dubinin S.K., Doctor of Economics, Head of the Department of Finance and Credit, Faculty of Economics, Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Recognition of the uniqueness of the "pandemic crisis" has become almost universal, but it is difficult to talk about any well-established definitions of this global phenomenon, the effect of which becomes fundamental. The current crisis is actually interdisciplinary in nature, which predetermined the problems of this monograph, which includes the study of not only economic problems, but also the analysis of the readiness of the public administration system, health, education, social sphere of various countries to respond to the challenges of the deepest crisis of our time. The work is intended for researchers, teachers, students, postgraduates, as well as a wide range of readers for whom this topic may be of interest.