Wofür es sich zu leben lohnt: Elemente materialistischer Philosophie

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Robert Pfaller

What is worth living for: The beginnings of materialistic philosophy

Translated to Russian and scientific editing by A. Smirnov. Moscow: Gaidar Institute Press, 2018. – 384 p. – (Logos magazine library).

ISBN 978-5-93255-529-3

Modern culture blocks access to generosity and enjoyment, and there are increasing calls for bans or regulations on smoking, sex, humor, or a growing range of things that seem offensive to some. However, it turns out that many people forget what it is worth living for. The very inability to raise such a question is an important feature of our age. In his book, the Austrian philosopher and psychoanalyst Robert fuller tries to offer an answer to this question and finds out why this question has been forgotten today and what political consequences such forgetfulness leads to.

The originator of the series V. Anashvili.