Stěhovani narodů s.r.o.: Stručny manual k pochopeni současne migračni krize

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Vaclav Klaus a Jiři Weigl

Vaclav Klaus and Irji Weigl. LLC "Resettlement of peoples": A brief manual to understand the current migration crisis

Translated to Russian by N. Falkovskaya and I. Bezrukova. – Moscow: Gaidar Institute Press, 2017. – 112 p.

ISBN 978-5-93255-474-6

The wave of illegal mass immigration that swept the European Union in 2015 is affecting the lives of hundreds of millions of Europeans. The authors of this concise and clear book challenge the widespread Pro-immigration rhetoric and show that the current mass migration is a distinctly negative phenomenon, fraught with huge risks for individual European countries, for the situation in the EU and for the migrants themselves.