Presentation of Alexei Ulykaev’s Book “Painful Transformation of the Global Economy

On June 11, presentation of Alexei Ulyukaev’s book – Painful Transformation of the Global Economy – released by the publishing house of the Gaidar Institute was held at the Central House of Artists.
In his new book, prominent Russian economist Alexei Ulyukaev provides an in-depth analysis of imbalances which have emerged in the global economy and posed a threat to the existing economic order. The author shows how crisis phenomena which originated in the financial sector found their way through lines of inter-sectorial relations into all the sectors of the economy. The author believes that the only way of overcoming the above phenomena consists in establishment of unified mechanisms of financial regulation and supervision, as well as development of consistent methods of management of the global economic development. The presentation was attended by Alexei Ulyukaev, author of the book and Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Mau, Rector of the RANEPA and Valery Anashvili, Editor-in-Chief of the Publishing House of the Gaidar Institute. The presentation was held within the frameworks of the 9th Moscow International Open Book Festival.