Presentation of a new book “Decorations/Dependency.
Homage to Jacques Derrida. Strokes to a self - portrait of one philosophical generation» by philosopher Mikhail Mayatsky will take place on December 5 at the Gaidar Institute. The event organized by “Eshkolot” project supported by Genesis foundation together with “Logos” publishing house of the Gaidar Institute.
New book by philosopher Mikhail Mayatsky is a subjective reportage –memoires on one of the legendary philosophical events of the late twentieth century: a 10-day colloquium with the participation of Jacques Derrida devoted to two topics: animal and autobiography. More than 20 years after this colloquium and 15 years after death of Jacques Derrida, author commented on the “report” of that time.
Philosophers and literary scholars Valery Anashvili, Editor-in-Chief of the publishing house of the Gaidar Institute and RANEPA publishing house “Delo”, Sergey Romashko, Sergey Zenkin and Sergey Fokin will take part in the discussion and Mikhail Mayatsky will read abstracts accompanied by musical improvisation by Andrey Bessonov (bass clarinet) reproducing one of the pieces of the book.
Free attendance, on-line registration required.
Date: December 5, 20.00
Venue: Gaidar Institute (3-5, Gazetny pereulok. Conference room)