Chembulatova Maria E.

- Junior Researcher 

Tel.: (495)629-47-13


  • 2019–2022: Economic Department, Tula State University, Master’s degree, diploma with distinction;
  • 2015–2019: Institute of economy, mathematics and information technologies, RANEPA, Bachelor’s degree, diploma with distinction.

Professional Experience

  • 2018 – present time: Junior Researcher at the Monetary Policy Department, Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy;
  • 2022 – present time: Senior scientific editor; Macroeconomics and Finance Editorial Board, The Great Russian Encyclopedia.

Professional Interests

  • Macroeconomics
  • Monetary policy
  • Banks and financial markets
  • World economy
  • Econometrics

Articles in scientific journals

  • Bozhechkova A., Ivanov E., Orekhov M., Trunin P., Chembulatova M., Yakovleva A. Analysis of the Behavior of Banks and Companies in the Conditions of Exchange Volatility in Russia  // Available at SSRN 3888999. – 2021.
  • Bozhechkova A., Trunin P., Evseev A., Chembulatova M. Assessment Of The Rigidity Of Information For The Russian Economy // Available at SSRN. – 2021.
  • Kiyutsevskaya A., Trunin P., Dzhaokhadze E., Gadiy L., Chembulatova M. Analysis of Financial Atability as an Additional Goal of the Policy of Central Banks // Available at SSRN 3633776. – 2020.
  • Gadiy L., Drobyshevsky S., Kiyutsevskaya A., Trunin P., Chembulatova M. Risk Premium Factors // Available at SSRN 3391150. – 2019.
  • Kiyutsevskaya A., Chembulatova M., Gadiy L. Financial Stability as a Central Banks' Goal // Available at SSRN 3615737. – 2019.

Foreign languages

  • English