On the Situation in the Russian Industry in January-September 2013

In the 3rd quarter of 2013 and during 9 months of 2013, industrial production in Russia amounted to 99.9% and 100.1% of the respective indices of the previous year, respectively.
From the 2nd quarter of 2013,  the dynamics of the primary sector of the economy remains within the range of positive values which situation, however, does not make up for worsening of the situation in manufacturing industries.

From May 2013, in manufacturing industries a drop in annual growth rates is registered. So, in the 2nd quarter, in the 3rd quarter and generally in January-September manufacturing industries’ output fell by 1.3%, 0.8% and 0.3%, respectively, as compared to respective periods of 2012.

Stagnation of industrial production on the basis of the results of the first six months and a slump in July-September determine a reserved approach to such annual estimates of the Ministry of Economic Development as were accepted as a forecast base in the 2014–2016 period. With inertial development of the existing trends, slowdown of GDP growth rates, investments in capital assets  and volumes of industrial output to 101.5% (101.8% according to the estimate of the Ministry of Economic Development),  100.5% (102.5%) and 100.3% (100.7%), respectively, can be expected.

О.I. Izryadnova, Head of the Structural Policy Department