On the RF Industry in the Quarter I of 2010

The index of industrial production in Russia in the Ist quarter of 2010 as compared with the I quarter of 2009 amounted to 105.8 and 89.9 against the IV quarter of 2009.


In February and March of the current year, the rate of industrial production as compared with the previous year reached positive values and amounted to 104.8% and 115.3%. It is worth noting that the output growth is recorded in all major economic activities. Index of mineral resource production amounted to 106.7 against the I quarter of 2009, manufacturing production – 105.2, and the production and distribution of electricity, gas and water – 107.1. A positive indicator is the recovery of positive monthly dynamics in manufacturing production against the relevant months of 2009, as well as the preceding months of this year .

In the mining industry, oil production in the Ist quarter of 2009 increased by 3.3%, natural gas – by 18.4%. In the manufacturing industry there sustained a high differentiation in the rates of production output in natural units. Given that there was the sharpest fall in output in the Ist quarter of 2009, low base inspire the dynamic growth in the current year.

O.I. Izryadnova – Head of Laboratory for Structural Problems of the Economy