Natalya Kornienko represented the Gaidar Institute at the conference "Customs and Foreign Trade 2016"

On April 12, Head of the Tax System Development Department Natalya Kornienko took part in the conference "Customs and Foreign Trade 2016: Dialogue Between Business and Government" which was held at the The Moscow Times location.

The main topics of the conference were customs administration and taxation, "single window" mechanism, elimination of "gray schemes", import substitution strategies and the draft of EAEU Customs Code.

During the conference, the following issues were discussed: prospects for improving EAEU customs regulation in the presense of the single customs territory; WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement and its impact on customs regulation; the prospects of creating a road map; trends in law enforcement in customs disputes; how to stay within the law in tightening control of the customs value adjustments; how to minimize low-risk companies' customs