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On 27 November, Senior Researcher Natalia Kornienko acted as moderator at the Round Table 'Important Issues of Indirect Taxation' in the framework of 10th Russian Tax Forum "Tax Maneuver-2014: A View of Business and Government", held by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.

The discussion covered the following areas:

  1. The 'tax maneuver' in the oil industry: balancing indirect and direct taxes;
  2. The prospects of tax harmonization across the Eurasian Economic Union;
  3. Global approaches to levying excise taxes in the alcohol and tobacco industries;
  4. The necessity to alter the rules for collecting VAT levied on advance payments to foreign suppliers.

The following reports were delivered:

  • • N. A. Nechiporuk (RF Ministry of Finance): The 'Tax Maneuver' in the Oil Industry: Balancing Indirect and Direct Taxes;
  • • N. T. Mambetaliev (Eurasian Economic Commission): The Principles of Excise Tax Policies in the Eurasian Economic Union;
  • • Professor Sijbren Cnossen (CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis): Coordination of Indirect Taxes in Regional Integration Schemes;
  • • V. M. Zaripov (Pepeliaev Group): The Conceptual Drawbacks of Russia's VAT Illustrated by Practical Examples;
  • • E. A. Vorotsov (Tobacco Industry Development Council): Russia's Excise Policy on Tobacco Products;
  • • V. V. Radaev (National Research University - Higher School of Economics): The Influence of Changes in the Taxation System on Companies' Behavior in Russia's Commodity Markets;
  • • Yan Zhan Ervi, T. S. Kharovskaya (Velle Ltd.): The Reduced Rate of VAT Applied to Russian-made Natural Products;
  • • A. V. Grachev (KPMG): The Zero Rate of VAT on Transport Services.