Natalia Kornienko moderated discussion on new opportunities for electronic trade

On January 30, Natalia Kornienko, Head of Tax System Development Department of the Gaidar Institute, moderated session “New opportunities for electronic trade” held during Conference “Customs for business: 2018 results” organized by the “Event” Agency with support of Eurasian Economic Commission.

According to customs statistics, Russia foreign trade turnover amounted to $ 445.4 billion in January – August 2018 having increased by 20.8% compared to January – August 2017. However, export volume increased by 28% up to $ 287.5 billion.

A whole package of laws came into force in 2018. Thus, a Customs Code of Eurasian Economic Union is in operation since January and it laid the foundation for new unification stage of national legislation of EEU Member countries and, provided, in particular, for adoption of a new Federal law “On Customs regulation in the Russian Federation”.

Participants of the discussion considered 2018 results and forecast for 2019 and discussed the impact of legislative innovation on the market and its stakeholders as well as goals set by law makers for near future.

Experts in foreign economic activities, EEC and FCS representatives discussed changes related to introduction of Customs Code and operative innovations used so far in the course of customs administration, goods identification and issues already faced by business and customs stakeholders.

Georgy Soin, Head of Exporters Support Department, Moscow Export Centre, Vadim Kozaev,  Head of Risk Analysis and Post-control Section, EEC Department of Customs Legislation and Law Enforcement practice, Mikhail Antipov, Director of Export projects, REC, Vladimir Sarkisov, President, Association of Express Carriers, Denis Shestakov, Head of Products Department, FSUE “Russia Post”, Viktor Ivanov, Senior lawyer, FBK Legal, Elena Minina, Senior researcher, Tax System Development Department of the Gaidar Institute, took part in the meeting.


Mikhail Antipov. Electronic export trade: customs, tax and currency control

Vladimir Sarkisov. Amendments of customs regulation with regard to delivery of express goods as a motivation for further development of non-resource exports by channels of international electronic trade

Georgy Soin. Introduction of metropolitan producers to international market places

Denis Shestakov. Retail export in electronic commerce