Mixed Ownership in Corporate Sector: Evolution, Governance, Regulation (press-release)

Authors: Malginov G.N., Radygin A.D.

The main objective of this publication is to analyze the system of governance of companies with mixed ownership, reveal issues and contradictions arising as a result of this sector reform, evaluation of their place and prospects in the light of Russia's economy moderinization. The authors analyze the dynamics and structure of economic entities with the state capital participation. They evaluate the normative and legal basis that regulate their activity, analyze the influence of the gouvernments on economic entities of this type being their joint owners, рrovide policy proposals regarding public ownership policy with respect to improving the system of governance of such companies including potential privatization. Review of law enforcement in the sphere of mixed ownership (p.8) was done by E. Apevalova. Review of the Canadian experience in this sphere (p.9) was prepared by Harry Swain.

The reseach and the publication were undertaken in the framework of CEPRA (Consortium for Economic Policy Research and Advice) project funded by the Canadian Agency for International Development (CIDA).