On-line meeting of the Gaidar Institute Scientific Council took place on October 9, 2020. Natalia Shagaida, Head of Agrarian Department of the Gaidar Institute, delivered a keynote presentation "Food security in a pandemic".

At the beginning of her presentation, Natalia Shagaida defined Russia's industrial safety as the ability of the state to meet the needs of the population in food products in the required volumes, assortment and quality by providing resources and creating appropriate economic environment.

The speaker highlighted four aspects of food security: availability and access to food, use and stability. This means that the consumer lacks food security amid adequate supply of food but without due access. Unfavorable weather conditions, political instability, reduction in per capita incomes and destabilization of transport and logistics systems can affect food security.

In her report, the expert highlighted the alleged and real risks to food security, assessed the existing monitoring system and government measures aimed to ensure food security and overcome the consequences of the pandemic.

Denis Ternovsky, Doctor of economics, Leading researcher, Center for Agro-Food Policy IPEI RANEPA, presented a co-report titled "State regulation of the food market amid a pandemic." The major part of his speech referred to the analysis of Russia agro-food policy amid crisis.

Oleg Kobyakov, Director of FAO Liaison Office with the Russian Federation, took part in the discussion of the presented reports. He highly appreciated the research and noted the importance of the stability of supply and demand, providing the population with high-quality food in sufficient quantities.

Presentations to reports:

Natalia Shagaida “Food security in a pandemic”

Denis Ternovsky “State regulation of the food market amid a pandemic.”