Leonid Isidorovich Lopatnikov Died

We regret to report that Leonid I. Lopatnikov (1923–2014), PhD (Economics) Russian economist and journalist and leading researcher of the Gaidar Institute died on May 29. Leonid I. Lopatnikov was a veteran of the Great Patriotic War. In June 1941, soon after leaving the school he went as a volunteer to the front.

He was wounded. After demobilization, he worked as a correspondent and head of the department of large-circulation papers, local papers and the Ekonomicheskaya Gazeta paper. He graduated (correspondent education) from the Moscow Polygraphic Institute and then the Higher Economic Courses of the State Planning Committee of the USSR. From 1968 till 1990, Leonid I. Lopatnikov worked at the Central Economic Mathematical Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences.


Leonid I. Lopatnikov was the author of the well-known Economic Mathematical Dictionary which was first published in the 1970s and reprinted 16 times since then in the USSR, Russia and abroad. Also, he was the author of a number of books and articles on economics and history of the USSR and the latest economic history of Russia. Under his scientific editing, publication of the Y.T. Gaidar Collected Works in 15 volumes began. Unfortunately, that work to which he was sincerely committed was left unaccomplished. Our sincere condolences to family members and dear ones of Leonid I. Lopatnikov.