Irina Tolmacheva Takes Part in a Meeting Devoted to Voluntarism

On 26 April, Head of the Center for Legal Studies of the Gaidar Institute Irina Tolmacheva took part in an information meeting devoted to the issue of 'The Contemporary Legal Regulation of Volunteering and Voluntarism and Its Enforcement Practices in the Life of Non-profit Organizations'.

The meeting was organized by the Jurists for Civil Society association and the Russian Branch of the International Center for Not-for-Profit Law.

The issue of volunteering and voluntarism (contemporary Russian legislation differentiates between these two concepts) is being actively discussed in many different venues. In this case, the keynote invited speakers included the heads of organizations - members of the Civic Chamber of the City of Moscow which, therefore, were directly involved in legislative activity. The speakers shared with the audience their views on the issue under consideration, as well as on the relevant initiatives being currently discussed at various levels of authority.