On September 2022, Irina Tolmacheva, Head of the Endowment Development and Legal Support Department of the Off-Budget Activity Division, RANEPA and Head of the Legal Department, Gaidar Institute acted as a coordinator of subgroup No.4: “Legislation and Rule-Making” at the “Endowment Development at Higher Educational Establishments” strategic session sponsored by the RF Ministry of Science and Higher Education.  The strategic session was held at the National University of Science and Technology MISIS.
In her address, Irina Tolmacheva spoke about intermediate outputs of the work of subgroup No.4 of the Working Group of the RF Ministry of Education and Science.

Presentation to the report

The Strategic Session preliminary summarized the outputs of work of the interagency working group which collected and analyzed within a month proposals on the development of university endowments in four subgroups in the following lines: Concept, Promotion, Infrastructure and Rule-Making. Based on the results of the session, a draft of the road map on the development of endowments in higher educational establishments was prepared for further consideration.
The interagency working group on the development of endowments in higher educational establishments was established under the auspices of the RF Ministry of Science and Higher Education within the frameworks of implementation of the RF Government’s instructions. The working group included representatives of various universities and endowments, the RF Finance Ministry, the RF Ministry of Economic Development, the RF Ministry of Agriculture, the RF Ministry of Education, the RF Ministry of Culture, the National Endowment Association and the Vneshekonombank.