Irina Starodubrovskaya participated in All-Russia Civil Forum

On 22 November Irina Starodubrovskaya Director of Center for Political Economy and Regional Development participated in the discussion “Clash of civilizations era: myth or reality?” which was held in the framework of the All-Russia Civil Forum.

Proceedings to Irina Starodubrovskaya’s presentation [In Russian]

Vladimir Milov leader of the party “Democratic Choice” will be the second presenter. He will lay out his position regarding whether it is correct to consider current period as a clash of civilizations era.

Participants will try to find solutions to the issues: whether irreconcilable confrontation of various values, cultures and principles represent the essence of the current period or they represent an artificial construction solely hampering resolution of the real issues? Should we defend today exclusiveness of European system of values or acknowledge the right of all people to live according to their norms and visions of life? To what extent mass migrations, spread of Islam and of other alternative cultures and ideologies threated values of freedom and democracy?