IEP and RANEPA Experts' Visit to China

On 12–17 December, Scientific Director of the Gaidar Institute Sergei Drobyshevsky and leading researcher of the Center for the Study of Central Banking Studies at the RANEPA Pavel Trunin visited Beijing (People's Republic of China) to participate in the first meeting of G20 research centers 'G20 and Global Governance'.

The meeting was held by the Institute for World Economics and Politics under the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the Shanghai Institutes for International Studies (SIIS), and Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies at the Renmin University of China. Its main theme was an analysis of the development trends in the world economy, which is currently being faced with many difficulties due to the problems that have been emerging both in the developed and the developing countries.

The majority of speakers offered their analyses of the current situation in the world economy and their views concerning the prospects of its further development. Thus, in particular, they focused their attention on issues like manifestations of the effect of contagion, analysis of country-based specificities of development, further economic development forecasts, and interaction between countries in the framework of international financial institutions.

Pavel Trunin delivered a report at the panel discussion 'International Investments and Economic Interaction', which dealt with the issue of constraints imposed on capital flows. In that report, the author touched upon the evolution of theoretic views on the effectiveness of restrictions on capital movement, the positive or negative results yielded by the capital control measures introduced in different countries, and their influence on global investment processes. Besides, Dr Trunin spoke at the panel meeting 'International Institutional Reform in G20', offering his comments concerning the changing role of international financial institutions and their impact on the global economy. In response to the questions put to him by the panel meeting participants, the IEP expert also described the current situation in the RF economy.