Gaidar readings in Plyos

Gaidar Readings dedicated to "Industrial policy in Russia in modern times: from the business and government point of view" took place in Plyos (Ivanovo Region) on September 13, 2013.
The Readings were organized by Gaidar Institute, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA), and Gaidar Foundation as part of the VIII International Golden Ring Textile Industrial Forum.

In his welcome speech, Ivanovo Region Governor Mikhail Men addressed himself on the history of the region and told about three regional industrial parks. He highlighted the effectiveness of public support of such industrial sites.


Readings moderator, Executive Director of Gaidar Institute Sergei Prikhodko said that the situation in the Russia's industrial sector is adverse. "Finished products accounted for about 4% of export, inclusive of arms sales, last year in Russia. There is something that impedes the development of competitive products", pointed out S. Prikhodko and asked Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia Denis Manturov to tell about how Russian manufacturers' issues would be addressed.


"No genius solutions should be expected from the federal government", said Denis Manturov. "I have a mercenary motive, which is hear you speaking about problems and potential solutions of such problems, and after that, perhaps, financial support measures will be adjusted accordingly." With regard to exports, Russia's Government has been making efforts to provide support by subsidizing interest rates on loans, thereby contradicting the WTO regulations. There are plans to subsidize interest rate on loans issued for the purpose of technological upgrade of traditional industrial sectors, including light industry.


The Minister noted that irrespective of the cut-off in budget expenditures the Russian Government would keep intact all measures aimed at supporting enterprises which help gain competitive advantages over foreign manufacturers. Having listed top-priority sectoral programs, including general purpose aviation, shipbuilding, pharmaceuticals industry and medical equipment production, radio electronics, Denis Manturov noted that a register of top-priority business projects would be compiled until the year end. "I think there will be about a hundred of them", noted the Minister and explained that the register "will allow banks to have a clear guidance about government support of certain enterprises. The focus should be placed on providing access to financial resources through interest on the side of banks."


Following is the list of persons who made a report. Vasily Guschin, Chairman of the Board of Non-Profit Partnership of Association of Textile and Garment Industrialists of the Ivanovo Region, a member of the Expert Committee under the Ivanovo Region Government; Aleksei Zhbanov, Director General of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of the Ivanovo Region; Galina Martinkevich, Deputy Director of the Industrial Policy Department of the Eurasian Economic Commission; Andrei Razbrodin, President of the Russian Union of Textile and Garment Industrialists;


Grigory Tomchin, President of the Foundation for the Promotion of Legislative Initiatives; Nikolai Ostarkov, Vice-president of Delovaya Rossiya, an all-Russia non-governmental organization.


The Readings were closed by RANEPA Rector Vladimir Mau. 


Presentations for reports:

• Guschin V. E. >>>
• Martinkevich G. G. >>>