Gaidar Readings in Moscow

On 13 November 2012, the Gaidar Institute and the Yegor Gaidar Foundation will host the Gaidar Readings forum ‘Poverty in Russia: New Trends in Income and Consumption'.


The readings will be held in one plenary session. The report ‘Farewell, Poverty’ will be read by Mikhail E. Dmitriev, President of the Center for Strategic Research Foundation, and Svetlana G. Misikhina, Director of the Social Policy Center of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.
The plenary session will take place in the conference hall of the Ye. T. Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy (entrance 14, floor 3, 3-5 Gazetnyi pereulok, Moscow). Conference begins at 10:00 AM.
For questions on organizational matters, please contact us on the phone numbers below:
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