Gaidar Forum-2022

The Gaidar Forum-2022 will be held in a “television” format on January 13-14, 2022: speakers will take part in face-to-face discussions at the RANEPA’s premises, while the audience may join them online at the Gaidar Forum’s website and media partners’ Internet resources. 

The Forum will be sponsored by the Government of the Russian Federation.

The Gaidar Forums have been held in Russia since 2010 and are always attended by government officials, public and political figures, leading experts, as well as businessmen from different countries. The Gaidar Forum is an important source of information on major socioeconomic and political trends, the business environment and investment climate in Russia.

The Gaidar Forum-2022 will focus on the RF Government’s priorities, that is, the key lines of initiatives of the socioeconomic development of the Russian Federation till 2030; they include social services, infrastructure building and development, ecology, digital transformation, technological leap and the state for its citizens.