International conference "RUSSIA AND THE WORLD: SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT" will be held on 15 thru 17 January 2014 as part of Gaidar Forum 2014.
Gaidar Forum is one of the major conferences on economic policy in Russia. It was established in commemoration of Egor Gaidar, an architect of Russian economic reforms. Since 2010, the Forum has become a major platform for the discussion of ideas and approaches towards understanding of the global processes that take place in Russia and in the world. Annually, Gaidar Forum embraces events of different levels and scale, including the "Russia and the World" annual international conference which includes high-level plenary sessions, expert round tables and panel discussions.

The upcoming "Russia and the World" conference will focus on steps towards strengthening Russia's role in the global economy. Its basic discussions will cover the enhancement of efficient management of economic growth, business activity conditions, Russia's contribution to the global economic growth, modernization effects on the society, institutional reforms and the world economic history.


Heavy hitters of the federal and regional governments, leading Russian and foreign economists will be acting as moderators.


The Gaidar Forum - 2014 “Russia and the World: Sustainable Development” >>>