Federal Reform Outcome: Influence of Modified Institutions on the Investment Climate in the Regions (press-release)

Authors: Introduction, Chapter 1 – Yanovskiy K.; Chapter 2, Annex 3 – Kucherinenko V., Shakin D., Shulgin S., Yanovskiy K.; Chapter 3.1–3.6 – Zhavoronkov S., Yanovskiy K.; Chapter 3.7–3.8 – Litarchuk V.; Annex 1 – Reva E., Cherny D.; Annex 2 – Litarchuk V.; Annex 3 – Shakin D., Shulgin S.; Annex 4 – Zhavoronkov S.

This publication is aimed at studying the modification of institutions of regional state power in the Russian Federation and its influence on the investment climate in the regions, including regional peculiarities of the investment climate and predictability of the policy of regional authorities headed by appointed governors. Examples of political confrontation between regional and provincial authorities in Canada allow us to illustrate the influence of normal federative democracy on business environment.

The reseach and the publication were undertaken in the framework of CEPRA (Consortium for Economic Policy Research and Advice) project funded by the Canadian Agency for International Development (CIDA).