Expert Support in Implementation of Measures of State Informatization (the Federal Labor and Employment Service, 2013 )

In mid-September 2013, experts of the Gaidar Institute started to render expert support to the Federal Labor and Employment Service in implementation of measures of state informatization.

The purpose of the project consists in upgrading of efficiency of planning of measures of state informatization and control over the quality of fulfillment of those measures by means of carrying out of an external independent due diligence on the important stages of implementation of the projects.

To achieve the above objective, the following issues are to be solved:

• Carrying out of expert support in planning and preparation of tender procedures as regards due diligence of projects of specification requirements on lots and evaluation of the cost of implementation of projects of specification requirements on lots;

• Carrying out of due diligence of the outputs of the work and support in elimination of faults found with the outputs of the work.

The work on the project is to be completed by December 15, 2013.