Egor Gaidar would have turned 64 years old on March 19. On the occasion of his birthday, journalist Andrey Kolesnikov invited his friends and associates to the Sakharov Center to talk about the legacy of the architect of Russian reforms.
Over a period of more than ten years since his death, democratic legacy of the 1990s has been wasted and liberalism declared irrelevant. Nevertheless, with all the large-scale government intervention, the economy remains market-oriented and a significant number of Russians support democratic values ​​even in the face of the state power irremovability.
 How did Egor Gaidar influence the development of Russia, which of its ideological and practical legacy remains relevant even today, what did he teach and what could he advise us?
Viktor Yaroshenko, Editor-in-Chief of the “Vestnik Evropy” magazine, Mikhail Dmitriev, economist of repute, Andrey Nechaev, Minister of Economic Affairs under the Government of Reformers, Peter Gaidar, son of Egor Gaidar, took part in the discussion.