Conference on International Regional Economic Integration

On December 12, 2012, G. Korolev, Researcher of Gaidar Institute Tax System Development Department took part in the international research/practice conference "International Regional Economic Integration: Current State and Development Prospects".
In his presentation "Major Aspects of Tax Policy in the EU" G.Korolev pointed to the specifics of legal framework of taxes and levies in the EU, primarily attributable to differences between aspects of direct and indirect taxes in the EU and their specific monitoring procedures at the supranational level: there is harmonization of tax systems for the EU contry-members, while in regard to direct taxation, the process of coordination is applied, which allows for fiscal sovereignty of the countries. In addition, specifics of tax regulation in the EU are based on the fact that the administration of direct and indirect taxes in the member countries are regulated at the EU level, basing on the objectives relevant to the integration of the EU states.