An overview “Russian economy in 2018. Trends and prospects” published

An annual overview “Russian economy in 2018. Trends and prospects” came out.
Gaidar Institute publish overviews “Russian economy. Trends and prospects” since 1991 and this edition is the 40th, the anniversary issue. It contains detailed analysis of the most significant trends in Russian economy, global trends of socio-economic development.

The research traditionally includes sections dedicated to certain aspects of the Russian economy functioning. It contains data which allow to monitor every part of processes taking place and their transformation during a long period. In total, this overview includes six major sections: socio-economic policy: national goals and model of economic growth; monetary-credit and budgetary spheres; financial markets and financial institutions; real sector of economy; social sphere; institutional changes.

The overview is based on a great amount of statistical information, the core of original calculations and multiple graphic illustrations confirming conclusions drawn by the authors.