Alexey Vedev, Leading Researcher, Financial Studies Department of the Gaidar Institute, took part in the conference “Positive recession. How to survive economic disasters” organized by IC Veles Capital together with newspaper “Vedomosti”.
Alexey Vedev spoke at session “Forecasted recession 2020. Is it worth to fall into panic?” Participants were seeking answers to the following questions: ways the global recession will go and how it will affect Russia? Why QE programs do not result in economic growth? Future of world currencies: what are the expected changes? What investors shall rely on? What growth points are still in place for investments in Russia and in the world?
Experts also discussed development scenarios in the US-China trade war and global market imbalances and risks of a sharp collapse in the markets (record corporate debt, risks of a sharp deterioration in the credit sector due to recession, a huge number of bonds with a negative rate, etc.). 
Economists were unanimous in their conclusion that recession will take place and it will be different, however, growth drivers also exist. In real production, there are no development options, except for investments in advanced technologies, people, owners of advanced competencies and modern thinking, and product.