In his interview with the Invest-Forsait , Alexei Vedev, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Head of the Financial Studies Department of the Gaidar Institute spoke about successes and failures of 2022.

In Alexei Vedev’s view, the overcoming of external challenges and retaining of sustainability of the financial sector can be regarded as a major success of the Russian economic policy in 2022.

“As regards successes, we can speak about them in macroeconomic terms. Despite unprecedented sanctions, the Russian economy has retained sustainability both of the financial and real sectors. The overall result is a decline of about 3%, a downward trend in the rate of inflation and a relatively stable exchange rate of the rouble.”

Also, Alexei Vedev named the most noticeable challenges which emerged in the Russian economy after the start of the special military operation (SMO) and introduction of new sanctions.

“I think there were a few major economic failures in 2022. First, it is the destruction of logistics in industrial assembly. It is the most serious failure. The second one is a disruption of transportation, including tourist traffic.”