Alexei Vedev Believes that India will Outperform France and the UK

In 2021 the Indian economy will show growth of 7%−7.5%, Alexei Vedev, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Head of the Financial Studies Department, Gaidar Institute believes. Alexei Vedev commented to the IA REGNUM on the forecasts of Cebr, an UK-based consulting company, that the Chinese economy would become the leading one by 2030. India is expected to outperform France, while Germany leaves behind Japan by 2033.

“China’s chances to outperform the US economy are high. It is a matter of when and in what currency because in US Dollars in terms of purchasing-power parity China left behind the US as far back as last year and became the world’s leading economy,” Alexei Vedev said.

In Alexei Vedev’s opinion, India has all the chances to outperform France and the UK because their economies are recovering at a slower pace, while India’s economic growth is expected within the range of 7%-7.5% in 2021.

“The German economy is unlikely to leave behind Japan because both of them put on good “weight”, but neither is growing fast,” Alexei Vedev added.