Alexander Knobel: With the sovereign funds we can minimize the effects of the "resource spell"

On March 14, Alexander Knobel, Head of Gaidar Institute Foreign Trade Department made a report on "Economy of the Resource Spell: a Look at Russia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan in the Global Context" at the international expert seminar "Problems of Economic Diversification of Resource-Rich Countries of the CIS region", held in Baku (Azerbaijan).

Presentation to the report 

The seminar is a part of the cooperation program of "Prospects for Sustainable Development of the Countries - Hydrocarbons Exporters", implemented by the State Oil Fund of Azerbaijan (SOFAZ), MGIMO and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The project objective is to find a solution to the problems caused by excessive focusing of some of the CIS countries, including, first and foremost, Russia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, on the use of oil and gas and subsequently, the development of recommendations on the transition of these countries to sustainable development.