Aleksey Vedev, Head of Financial Department of the Gaidar Institute, took part in the expert session of the Coordinating club of the Free Economic Society of Russia, dedicated to the topic “Planning in the realities of global transformation: new approaches, issues and solutions.”

During the session, experts raised many controversial issues about the system of state planning, ways to solve complex economic problems, and whether the practice of forming planning targets should be extended to the entire economy or only to its certain sectors. However, experts came to the following consensus: in the context of external and internal challenges facing Russia, there is a demand for new approaches to state planning.

According to Aleksey Vedev, in the context of geopolitical instability and sanctions, improving the planning system and strengthening state support are demanded in the extractive industries. However, according to the expert, directive planning is unlikely to be effective in the food and light industry as well as in the restaurant business, i.e., in those industries where the regulatory impact of the state is minimal.