Aleksey Vedev, Head of Financial Research Department of the Gaidar Institute, spoke at the seminar “Russian economy at the crossroads: how to secure long term growth” attended by leading European and Russian economists.
Seminar organized by EU office in Russia together with Bruegel Institute took place on November 7, 2019 at the EU Moscow office.
Aleksey Vedev addressed the session «Factors impacting long-term growth rate of the Russian economy». Presentations were also delivered by: Alexander Morozov (Central Bank of RF), Marek Dabrowski (Bruegel Institute), Elena Flores (European Commission), Niclas Poitiers (Bruegel Institute), Alexander Daniltsev and Alexander Larionov (NRU Higher School of Economics), Dmitry Polevoy (Russian Direct Investment Fund) and Yaroslav Lisovolik (Sberbank).
Dr. Markus Ederer, EU Ambassador to Russia, opened the event. Participants noted that after global financial and economic crisis of 2008 countries still try to overcome economic challenges all over the world and bring back the economic growth. 
Russian government formulated a number of economic policy goals for the next six years. Among them:  increase of GDP growth rate above the world average and halving poverty by 2025; increase investment from current 21-22% to 25% of GDP. To achieve these goals, government expenditures on infrastructure, health care and education will increase while state influence on economy, especially in the banking sector, will decrease.
Are additional reforms required to further increase productivity and investment in line with governmental goals and which factors determine long-term growth of the Russian economy? Experts discussed these and other important issues in the course of the seminar that became part of dialogue on trade and economic issues between European countries and Russia.