A meeting was held with OECD representatives

On February 6, Gaidar Institute hosted a meeting with representatives of the OECD.
The mission of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development is based in Moscow in the framework of continuing work on the following OECD Economic Survey in Russia. One of the objectives of the upcoming survey is the analysis of human capital as the major source of sustainable growth.On the part of the OECD, the event was attended by AndreasVorgotter, the Head of the 5th Economic Department, Arthur Radzvill, the Head of the Russian Economic Department, and Lily Demmu, economist. From the Russian side the discussion was attended by IEP staff members, as well as Tatyana Klyachko, Director of Continuing Education Center under The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, who highlighted the problems of the Russian educational policy, in particular, the development of public-private cooperation in the field of professional education and training, financial issues of the education system, etc.