2014/04/11 - Gaidar Readings in Penza

Gaidar Readings on Challenges Faced by the Regional Innovation Policy were held in the city of Penza on April 11, 2014.


The readings were organized and managed by the Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy, Yegor Gaidar Foundation, the Penza Region Administration.


A Gaidar Classroom was opened in the conference venue, Penza State University, on the eve of the Conference.


The plenary meeting covered topical issues, namely priorities in a modern science and innovation policy, prospects for the establishment of regional innovation centers and the challenges faced by the intellectual property market. 


The Conference was attended by representatives of Gaidar Institute, Yegor Gaidar Foundation, the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, and the Ministry of Communications of Russia, the Penza executive authorities, business communities, financial schools, and higher education institutions.


The Conference was opened by Penza Government Chairman Yury Krivov. In his report he spoke about a series of successful innovation development projects which were implemented in the Penza Region. Gaidar Institute Executive Director Sergei Prikhotko gave a welcome address to the participants and guests at the Conference.