2013/10/19-20 - Gaidar Readings in and around Moscow

Gaidar readings "The National Economy in the Northern Caucasus" were held on October 10-20, 2013 in the Moscow region.

This was the third set of Gaidar readings on the Northern Caucasus. The subject of the private economy in the region was the last one initiated by E.T. Gaidar himself, noting its timeliness and importance.

The readings were organized by the Gaidar Institute and the Yegor Gaidar Foundation.


Sergey Prikhodko, the executive director of the Gaidar Institute, opened the readings.


Workers in the research area "Political Economy and Regional Development" of the Gaidar Institute, Irina Starodubrovskaya and Konstantin Kazenin presented the paper "Northern Caucasus: quo vadis (where are you going?)".